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Many years of drawing and painting portraits lead to cramped creativity. The years of producing work "to please the customer" weighed on my desire to design tactile permanent pieces simply for the real pleasure it gives me. My first freeing step was to produce large designs in rough cut steel to be installed on the outside of buildings. I later moved indoors working in sheets of sterling silver to create jewelry. Finding the silver work more gratifying than steel, I am pleased that people enjoy my jewelry. I make my own stamping tools and hammer most surfaces, finishing with steel wool or polishing to a high shine. My husband, Leigh, and I sell my work at the juried shows we are invited to all across the U.S. Email for prices and information please swadeworks@gmail.com

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's March 2013, good grief!

Here I am playing catchup again.  If it weren't for several friends and loved ones asking about this blog it would still be waiting for an update of news and new pieces.  Thank you for the nudge!

Last year's show season was another breathtaking ride.  We did only 19 shows, had to miss two due to some illness on my part, and finished well in spite of it all.  "Only 19 shows" is a lot of shows...  I was honored to receive several more awards which always delights me, I must say!  At a nice little show in Allen, TX - the jewelry award,  the Metal, Glass and Clay show in Royal Oak, MI awarded me the jewelry ribbon, I was chosen for judging at the VA Beach Boardwalk Show no prize, but a big deal for me, award of excellence at the Red River Revel in Shreveport, LA, and then a biggie ~ an award of merit at the Great Gulf Coast Art Show in Pensacola, FL.  The last show of the season was one of the two we had to miss in Covington, LA and it made me so sad, but I was in the hospital...wondering how wonderful it was!  I'm totally back to normal now and thankful to God for my regained health.

Our show season is being kicked off March 23-24 in the charming town of Salado, TX just north of Austin.  I'll get some turquoise pieces ready for them!  Here's the rest:

Stillwater, OK -  April 20-21 Still Water Arts Festival  pending
San Antonio, TX  - April 27  King William Art Show

Tupelo, MS  -  May 11-12  Gum Tree Fine Art Show
Tulsa, OK  -  May 16-19   International Tulsa Mayfest
OKCity, Ok  -  May 25-26  Paseo Art Festival
May 31 - June 2  Wait listed for both Prairie Village in Kansas City and Summerfaire in Cincinnati, OH

Hinsdale, IL  -  June 7-9  pending
VA Beach, VA  -  June 13-16   Boardwalk Show
Columbus, OH - June 21-22  Easton Art Affair
Toledo, OH  -  June 26-28  Crosby Art Show  pending

Most of the 14 remaining shows we would like to participate in are still out there in cyber space awaiting jury dates.  We know for sure we'll be in a sweet show in Franklin, MI on Labor Day, and in Great Gulf Coast in Pensacola, FL the first weekend in November.

And now for some new pieces I've made recently...

                    The one above is the only one not sold yet because it is so recent... $450.00.


Ricky Hanson said...

Ricky Hanson says, beautiful pieces.

Allida Webb said...

Someone said you sell cutout circles please share the info when you get the other request. Thanks. allidawebb@gmail.com

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